Hans-Heiner Krpper

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   Engineering program and postgraduate studies in EDP at Dresden TU

  Development engineer in the photography sector and in a research center for air conditioning and refrigeration technology

   1973 fled to the Federal Republic of Germany

   Various management positions in machine and plant construction companies

   5 years management consulting for large industrial companies

   Advanced Management Program INSEAD 1984

   18 years managing partner at Ray und Berndtson, Frankfurt

   Since 2004, independent consultant for:                                                               

      Executive Search

      Career Coaching

      Manager Coaching

      Management Coaching

      Management Audit 

My consulting activities focus on finding the right candidates for management positions, as well as attending change processes in organizations (change management).

This can mean filling a vacant position in a company with an outside candidate (Executive Search), but also advising companies when evaluating existing management teams (Management Audit).

In Career Coaching, I support managers during the development of new professional perspectives – either by request from their employer, or for the former manager themselves.

Manager coaching refers to consulting services for managers in their current management position.

Management Coaching refers to overseeing sustained change processes in an organization.

The basis for successful consulting is an uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability, personal involvement, professionalism, and experience as well as a scrupulously maintained database.

I have a network of colleagues with comparable professional qualifications available to me in order so solve international problems.

I view every consulting assignment as a unique, demanding challenge which has to be met with a very specific consulting approach.

Above all, the fact that my consulting activities have a lasting effect on the fate of others creates strict ethical requirements.