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Contemporary management increasingly defines the role of the manager as that of a leader, integrator, mentor for his or her employees. This is the only way that sustained success can be ensured.

However, the manager is simultaneously measured according to the ability to achieve ambitious goals; time is money, day-to-day business requires one hundred percent effort.

All too often, the manager is alone in this conflict situation; having to act as a driving force on the one hand, a listener on the other.

The manager hears second-hand information about the assessment supervisors and employees have of him or her, and input is required to solve day-to-day problems – often to the limits of endurance. There is no time for reflection, thoughtfulness, creative thinking, and personal growth.

This is where my coaching comes in.

I am familiar with a broad range of companies, industries, cultures, structures, and management careers from over 35 years of employment in industry and consulting.

As an “outsider” in my sixties, I am a listener, confidant, advisor, moderator, and enquirer in one; a person who can approach taboos, does not pursue his own interests, is aware of his high level of responsibility, and does not abuse the trust of others.

At the core of the matter, the goal is always to design change processes and accompany their implementation – usually an uncomfortable, stressful process for those involved.

Although every coaching case is specific and unique, some basic steps do apply:

      “Understanding” the business

      “Understanding” the organization

      Analysis of the company climate

      Management portfolio

      Personal development requirements

      Implementation, learning by doing

Absolute discretion, both inside and outside the company, is the top priority.

The duration of the process depends on the specific case; it is always voluntary, and can be terminated by the manager at any time.