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Management Coaching

Management coaching is a tool used to advise and support managers and management teams during change processes (change management).

Knowledge of many different managers and companies is a prerequisite for the successful application of this method.

Management coaching is recommended when the goal is to effectively develop and enhance the management culture of a company in times of drastic change.

Drastic changes typically collide with the tendency of those involved to insist on their point of view, which can cause serious communication problems.

This is where management coaching comes into play.

Although every case is specific and unique, the process generally follows these steps:

   Establishing the persons involved and obtaining their information

   Personal, confidential, individual interviews

   Information derived from the interview regarding their career, personality, condition, potential, and integration into the team etc.

  Statements regarding the overall management team, derived from the sum of the interviews – qualifications, motivation, future potential, etc.

   Compilation and discussion of the results in summary form and in personal feedback interviews

 Derivation of the required continuing education requirements and the change processes that need to be initiated (projects)

    Personal coaching for those affected, individually and in the group

    Review meetings

When it is carried out properly, management coaching is a process that is always tailored to the specific situation and supported by mutual respect, honesty, and trust.

It should take as little time away from managers as possible, and the duration should be adapted to the specific requirements.

Absolute discretion, both inside and outside the company, is the top priority.