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Management Audit

Management audit (management interviews, management appraisal, human asset review, etc.) is an instrument used to evaluate managers and management teams. The basis of this method is knowledge regarding multiple managers and companies.

A management audit is recommended when the goal is to adequately fill management positions as part of more drastic changes within company.
Such changes can have many causes, from classic restructuring to takeovers and mergers. 

When properly carried out, a management audit achieves two goals:

      The management positions are filled adequately.

      The managers receive professional consulting services during a process which, for them, is filled with insecurity and sometimes also fear.

Carrying out the process follows these steps:

      Establishing the persons involved and obtaining their information

      Personal, confidential, individual interviews

      Information regarding their career, personality, condition, and potential derived from the interview

      Internal and external reference checks, if applicable

      Statements regarding the overall management team, derived from the sum of the interviews – qualifications, motivation, future potential, etc.

      Compilation and discussion of the results in summary form and in personal feedback interviews

      Derivation of personnel measures

      Derivation of the required continuing education requirements and, if applicable, change processes that need to be initiated (projects)

      Personal coaching for those affected, on a case-by-case basis


Required change processes are typically supported, rusty motivation structures are forced open, cultural change is initiated.