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Career Coaching

Phases of professional relocation and reorientation naturally present a special challenge.

After all, the goal is to plan the next period of your life carefully and deliberately, so that risks are minimized and the chances for success are optimized.

Almost 20 years in an important position at one of the largest executive search consulting firms in the world form the basis for my consulting approach of individually tailored career coaching.

I cover the following topics: 

     Analysis of your professional career (education, industry know-how, functional know-how, specializations...) 

      Analysis of the current situation (reasons for leaving, mental state, goals, perspectives...) 

      Personality analysis (strengths / weaknesses, talents, qualifications...) 

      Development of a skills portfolio (national / international, conglomerate, mid-size company, agency...) 

      MBI / MBO (consulting, attendance, contact mediation...) 

      Arranging specific consulting services (employment law, contract law, business law, financing...) 

      Creating personal documentation (design, content, level of detail...) 

      Interview and communication skills (DOs and DON’Ts, pitfalls...) 

      Addition to the database and preferred matching with open positions  

      Specialized topics on a case-by-case basis

After conducting an initial intensive interview to determine the overall situation, a catalogue of measures is developed; I then accompany the implementation of these measures and provide consulting.

The duration of the process depends on the specific case, and can be terminated by the manager at any time.

Absolute discretion is my top priority.