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Executive Search

Executive search (also known as direct search) is a method that has developed into a widely recognized tool to fill management positions.

The goal is to quickly and competently fill a management position from outside the company because it cannot be filled from inside in spite of efforts to do so.

A professional search follows these steps:

      “Understanding” the situation or problem

      Deriving the correct search strategy

      Identifying potential candidates

      Evaluating the candidates

      Presentation and moderation of negotiations

      Attending the “First 100 Days”, coaching

The essential basis for successfully carrying out an executive search is a profound understanding of the relevant industries and types of companies, as well as more detailed knowledge for the respective company culture (cultural fit).

Managing a conglomerate requires different talents, abilities, and character traits than a corresponding position in a privately-owned company, customs in Bavaria are different than in Lower Saxony, high-tech companies operate differently than the steel industry, start-ups have other needs than established companies, etc.

I consider it my task to bring the right people together and to accompany the difficult process of jointly taking the first steps.

A well-managed database, professional research, systematic networking, reliability, discretion, and professionalism are all essential requirements to fulfill this goal – but they alone are not enough.

True success, that is, consistently finding the “right” person for an important management position, also requires a deeper understanding of the particular company culture and the resulting selection of the candidate who will succeed in that culture.

I am familiar with a broad range of companies, industries, structures, and managers from over 20 years as a consultant in the German economy.

This is the essential basis of my activities.